Start An Registered Investment Advisor or Commodity Trading Advisor

Starting your own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) allows you to service your clients while growing a profitable business.  Turn Key Hedge Funds has years of experience in starting and consulting RIAs and CTAs. The Turn Key Hedge Fund start-up process will include...

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Startup Hedge Fund Alert!

start a CPO, Commodity PoolStartup Hedge Fund Managers need to be aware that presently (October 2013), Crowdfunding offerings are not yet legally permitted and will not be permitted until the SEC issues regulations allowing it.




We offer a complete solution for starting a hedge fund, and operating the fund. Below is a list of the Hedge Fund Services we offer.

Hedge Fund Start up Services:

  • Formation of limited partnership, corporation or other entities
  • Preparation of Private Offering Memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement and Subscription Documentation
  • Registration as an investment adviser or commodity pool operator
  • Drafting policy and procedures for investment advisers and NFA CPOs
  • Preparation of investor correspondence
  • Vendor Provided Diligence
  • Auditing references and broker referrals
  • Facilitation of Offshore Administration services and Private Offering Memorandum and Subscription Documentation

Hedge Fund Administration Services:

  • Providing the Hedge Fund its management office and non investment manager-trader operations personnel
  • Providing management office for meeting with office staff, professional advisors and prospective investors
  • Providing management office receipt of all correspondence
  • AML (ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING) Investor checks
  • Data & Disaster Recovery Risk Management

Investor Management Services:

  • Providing prospective investors with offering memorandum and partnership agreement and offering materials
  • Managing subscription documents
  • Processing and notifying investment manager and general partner of subscriptions, capital contributions and withdrawals
  • Distributing financial reports, mailings and electronic communications
  • Responding to investor inquiries

Accounting Management Facilitation Services:

  • Calculation of monthly capital account balances on an economic and tax basis
  • Calculation of management fees and performance allocation
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Calculation of fees due sales agent
  • Interaction with investment managers and traders, banks, counsel and auditors
  • Facilitate and manage the preparation of financial statements and year end audit
  • Facilitate and manage tax preparation, planning and consulting

Compliance Management Services:

  • Management of the preparation of Private Offering Memorandum
  • U.S. Securities Filing responsibilities and individual U.S. state required filings
  • Tracking beneficial owners of Securities Act 3(c)(1) hedge funds for compliance with the Investment Company Act exemption
  • Investor tracking for Hot Issue NASD compliance
  • Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor compliance and registration

Hedge Fund Marketing Services:



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